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Chippewa Falls Workplace Massage

Onsite Massage for the Workplace

Woman receiving a chair massageA healthy, productive team is important. More and more companies are turning to chair massage for its proven health benefits. Denn Chiropractic invites you to partner with us in enhancing your team’s wellness. Whether you are looking to set up recurring massage service or a one-time event getting started with Denn Chiropractic onsite massage service is easy. We provide service to Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, Lake Hallie, and Altoona in Wisconsin.

If you are a current Denn Chiropractic Corporate Massage client, click here to schedule a massage appointment online.

Recurring Massage Service at your workplace

Denn Chiropractic works with businesses of all sizes, from non-profits to small offices to large corporations. Employees love workplace massage for the amazing convenience and the chance to decrease stress and reduce aches and pains right at the office.
Denn Chiropractic Workplace Massage offers several payment programs and works with you to customize the service for your business size and needs.

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Company-Paid Program

Incorporate an affordable benefit into your company’s wellness program, whether to reduce stress and increase productivity or to appeal to potential new hires, the company-paid workplace massage program is the way to go. We offer online scheduling and timely service reminders which leaves your employees feeling valued and appreciated. Invest in wellness by reducing turnover and decreasing stress.

Employee-Paid Program

Our employee-paid program is the ideal solution for companies who wish to invest in their team yet face budget constraints. Denn Chiropractic employee-paid program allows your team to pay for massage services through our secure scheduling system. Employees still benefit from workplace massage service and appreciate the convenience and that you have brought stress reduction and tension relief to them.

Shared Cost Program

Invest in your team and work within your budget by sharing the cost of workplace massage. The shared cost program includes all of the benefits of workplace massage while reducing the cost for both you and your team. With your team sharing the cost, there is a decrease in missed appointments while continuing to support your workplace massage program.

Included at no additional cost:

  • Massage chair
  • Massage supplies
  • Free online scheduling
  • Appointment reminder emails
  • Music player

Get Started!

To get started with onsite massage at your workplace, call us at (715) 726-0400 or request a custom quote today:
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