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Achieving Optimal Wellness With Chiropractic Maintenance Care

Daughter riding on moms backHave you ever heard the term “maintenance care” in relation to chiropractic care?

In a recent conversation, Dr. Denn stated that maintenance care is a critical aspect of his patients’ care. It’s used to keep the body in optimal condition between appointments.

Maintenance care is when the patient doesn’t present symptoms or problems, but comes in for an occasional check-up to ensure that the body’s ability to adapt is still effective. For people who have had a lot of injuries, maintenance care could be required weekly, while for others who don’t have as many injuries, it might be every six or every eight weeks.

So, why is maintenance care so important? The body is under constant stress to adapt due to daily activities. This may cause the vertebrae to shift out of place, leading to tight tendons or muscles and misalignment, among other things. That’s why we suggest regular maintenance care to avoid any issues that may cause pain or discomfort.

Benefits for All Ages

Who benefits from maintenance care? The answer is everyone! Young kids learning to crawl and walk are subject to slips and falls, and teenagers are active in sports and other activities that may cause injuries. Adults deal with the effects from years of repetitive stress and past traumas.

And just because a person is pain-free doesn’t mean they don’t need maintenance care. Approximately 80% of a person’s nerves can be impinged, but they may not experience any pain, as only 13% of those nerves carry pain signals.

Prioritize Your Health

Maintenance care is essential for everyone to maintain optimal health and wellness. Call today to set up your schedule.

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