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Four Chiropractic Myths You Should Know

im spine how are youWith the rise of YouTube videos and word of mouth from well-meaning people, there are many myths about chiropractic that prevent people from obtaining the care they need.

Here are four that our team always seems to hear:

#1. Chiropractors aren’t real doctors

The reality is chiropractors actually have to take more credits than medical doctors to earn their degree. The main difference is that medical doctors learn more about the pathology of symptoms, and chiropractors focus a lot more on the body’s neurology. Medical doctors identify the pathology and treat the symptoms—chiropractors know the pathology, but look for the reason it exists. Once we find the cause and correct it, the problem is gone.

#2. Chiropractic care is a lifelong commitment

The reality is the choice is up to you. Some people come in for care, and stop when they feel better, either because they have other things to do, or insurance won’t cover any more visits. And if that works for them, that’s fine.

Other patients understand the value of wellness care to keep their body functioning at an optimal level. Many have a history of injuries or conditions that would cause problems without proper maintenance. We treat people for as long as they want, and do the best we can for them.

#3. Chiropractic care is dangerous

The first chiropractic adjustment was done in 1895 on a janitor’s neck to restore his hearing. The second was on a person with heart issues, and function improved. Now, all these years later, people try to label chiropractic care dangerous because it causes strokes. When researchers looked at the few cases reported (less than 10 in all these years), chiropractors did not even do most of the adjustments!

#4. Chiropractic care is only for adults

Dr. Denn was first adjusted when he was about seven hours old, and continues to receive maintenance care regularly. In fact, he believes if he wasn’t under care, he would not be able to give his patients the care they need. Recently, he saw an infant who was about 14 hours old, and the next day, a man who is 103.

Our team believes that seeing children as early as possible gives them the best chance to grow and thrive as they’re meant to do. Birth is the first trauma we face, and the more interventions used, the greater the risk of an injury to the spinal cord. We see many instances of torticollis, colic, and other digestive issues, which chiropractic helps with.

Great Care at Any Age

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