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Tech Neck: The Modern Epidemic of Digital Posture

back view of neck painTexting, scrolling, posting and streaming. Given the massive amount of time lots of people spend on their smartphones, it’s no wonder many have been afflicted with the modern-day malady known as “tech neck.”

What Is It?

So, what exactly is tech neck? Well, imagine your head as a 10-pound weight. For every inch your head leans forward, the weight on your neck muscles doubles. With the constant use of mobile devices and our tendency to hunch over them, the strain on our neck muscles becomes overwhelming. It’s no surprise that this leads to fatigue, tension headaches, eye strain, and more.

Recognizing the warning signs of tech neck is crucial for early intervention. If you frequently experience tightness at the base of your skull or find yourself adopting a forward head posture, you may be suffering from tech neck. Rounded shoulders and difficulty sleeping are also common symptoms.

The bright light emitted by screens and the strain on your neck muscles can disrupt your sleep patterns, leaving you feeling exhausted.[/builder_Call

The Role of Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a great way to help with tech neck. It helps to align the spine, relieving postural discomfort and reducing pain associated with muscle tension and tightness. By loosening up the muscles in your neck and back, you can reduce strain on those areas and improve your posture while using technology.

Minding Your Posture

We also encourage patients to be mindful of their posture and make small adjustments while using their devices. Instead of looking down, try to bring the phone closer to eye level. If you’re lounging on the couch or in bed, prop yourself with a pillow to maintain an upright position. These simple changes can make a big difference in reducing strain on your neck muscles.

Adding Stretches to Your Routine

Incorporating cervical stretches into your routine can also help alleviate the symptoms of tech neck. Resistance exercises, such as rotating your head and leaning to the side while pushing back against your hand, can help strengthen and re-engage your neck muscles.

If your posture could use some perfecting due to tech usage, give our practice a call today!

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