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How Chiropractic Can Help Address Your Stiff Neck

massaging neckDealing with a stiff neck? There are many potential culprits. Everyday stress, wear and tear, staring at the computer, sleeping awkwardly, falling asleep on a chair, couch or even the floor. Plus, dealing with family stress—emotional stress—has a tendency to go right up into the neck.

“And often, people have old injuries to which their bodies can adapt. But as a person gets older, arthritis can creep in, causing increased stiffness; there’s not as much rotation or range of motion that the patient can do,” said Dr. Denn.

The Role of Chiropractic Care

Fortunately, chiropractic care offers several techniques to alleviate neck stiffness. By realigning the vertebrae, Dr. Denn helps restore normal motion, addressing the root cause of the stiffness rather than just the symptoms. This adjustment can reduce the strain on neck muscles and enhance overall mobility.

Helpful Complementary Treatments

While chiropractic adjustments focus on spinal alignment, complementary treatments like massage therapy are crucial in muscle relaxation. Loosening tight neck muscles through massage can make chiropractic adjustments more effective and longer-lasting. For those without access to massage therapy, at-home treatments like electric stimulation and ice packs can also help relieve muscle tension in the neck area.

Self-Care and Prevention Measures

In addition to professional treatments, self-care plays a vital role in managing and preventing neck stiffness. Simple stretches and heat applications, like a hot shower, can improve flexibility and reduce pain.

For those facing regular stress, integrating regular breaks and ergonomic adjustments during work hours can prevent the onset of neck problems. Consistent attention to posture and incorporating relaxation techniques into the daily routine can also mitigate the risk of developing stiff neck symptoms.

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